I was lazy to write an About Me for this site. So I just copy-pasted one from my other site, tech-ish.com.

I love Technology and I love Africa. I love phones and gadgets. I want to own a Tesla soon, but I’m in Kenya. I love my country but I hate its politics.

I love Android. I review phones and other gadgets. Any cool gadget. I weigh out options and I answer questions.

I am a student, so I am mostly busy in class, googling or doing an assignment. That doesn’t mean I would let good news/phone reviews pass you by…

By the way I also love taking photos. Follow my Instagram @DicksonOtieno. I know I need to get a good camera soon.

Whether other tech sites have said it or not, I’ll give you my opinion and reasons. I’ll explain it to you and I will weigh out options for you. If you have questions tweet me (@DicksonOtieno or @TechishKenya) and I will do a comprehensive reply.

I am trying out on YouTube too. When I get a good camera and good internet access, expect quality videos at YouTube.com/DicksonOtieno.

Feel Free to comment, ask, share, critique. Anything.

Sometimes I write at Tech-ish.com.

Twitter: @TechishKenya

Email: techishtechish@gmail.com

Facebook: Tech-ish.com

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