Love is an addiction
Like a strong drug it hurts
And drains the life out of you
But still we go back
Because there is this one moment
When everything falls in to place
This moment
When the heart beats fast
And you are at your most high
You are at your element  and you’d give anything to stay in that moment
It is just a moment when a minute feels like an hour
A touch sends tingles all over your body
A kiss feels like divinity
You are a demigod and can command the sky to form rainbows
The sea to carry you through a tsunami of happiness
Then in a split second…  It all disappears and it feels like an infinity in pain
What we would give for that one moment again
An addiction too strong even Molly has nothing on it…..

Guest said “I was watching a movie and I thought of addictions people go through without knowing. Then these words came to me and I just wrote them down“.

Oh and guest prefers anonymity.
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