Saying something and meaning it are two different things. I know you know that. But I have come to really, deeply, get the gist of this over the last couple of days.

Being out of school teaches you a lot of things. You must make it. You should be headed somewhere; have a plan, follow dreams, achieve goals… blah blah blah. ALL this will in the end make your mind explode for no reason at all.

Thinking of the future is good, I’m not denying. But, forgetting to indulge in the present is a big mistake. This is something that I feel we sometimes go wrong at.

Indulging in the present doesn’t mean what most of the young people have taken it to mean: partying and having fun wasting time.


See, to get somewhere you need to first know the place you are going, and then know the route to this place. Similarly, to build a successful company, you must first know what you want the company to do in the future, and then know what ways you can achieve this.

But knowing the place and route isn’t enough.

You also need to walk, run, or fly to your destination. And this is what is called indulging in the present. And oh yes, it is particularly tough for me because I know where I want to be and I know what paths to get there. Yet I constantly fail at indulging myself daily in the journey.

There’s this constant thought I’ve been having, and I know many people have it too. “I cannot seriously do everything I plan to”. Then we blame money, strength, time, or opportunity.

We are like, yes if I had the money and time I would do this and that. Funny enough, when you clearly look at it, we at the same time possess resources that others need. Resources that others wish they had to do blah and blah. Resources that if put to proper use, would elevate our current situations, and bring to our disposal the money and time we waste our time wishing for.

The time we spend on “I wish I had this and that to do this and that”, instead of “I have this and I can do that right now” is the opportunity we lose in indulging in the present.

Rather than using and enjoying what we have, to get to where we want to be, we wish for what we don’t have, and dream of what we could become. This severely punctures holes in our esteem and self-belief.

So, this week I am using the time and opportunities I have, to do what I can do now. To not fear about the past, or the future, or what might come of my efforts.

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