I’m having a party
I’m alone
I know people.
Maybe there’s no one my equal.

I’ll have soda.
And some cakes.
This is ‘mainstream’.
Too much fakeness in the world.
Or maybe I’m boring.

I love good classic films
And nice music,
Enchanting reads.
They’re bore many.
I’m alone.
Maybe I need someone.
Or I’m just fine alone.
An adventure would do.
A journey to far away
Maybe I wasn’t meant for this world.

Maybe I was born for another time.
There was a mistake perhaps
Now I’m stuck

I could be a shooting star
Kids exclaim
But they don’t see where I land

Or I’m a dying star
Collapsing in on myself
A blackhole to be studied for ages.
Ripples to be felt for millennia.

Feel it? Feel me?

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