I have been writing a couple of letters. But I guess I’m tired of posting them. I might continue later on. Maybe just wake up and schedule everything and officially start my holiday. Or just shut this down all together. Why not?

I’m tired of many things. I’m even tired of doing this. But it’s 3am and I have put aside the Harry Potter novel but still can’t fall asleep. Who would have thought I’d reread Harry Potters in 2015! This is like the what time again? Something about these books is there’s always something new you get when rereading. Sometimes it is something very small that doesn’t change anything in the story but feels weirdly refreshing and satisfying.

I guess it is with many books. Every time I reread a book, I find something I had missed. Even if I’m reading it for the 7th time. Is it weird to reread a book?

I feel like writing about myself a little. Riddles and riddles of paragraphs in many posts I’ve made here and many other places don’t seem to be the best way to approach life for me. I need to rip off the drapes and bring down the walls. And just live. Like a simple sentence. No hyphens, no parentheses. Like a simple story. With a simple plot. Easy to summarise. Easy to remember.

Here’s a collection of stuff I like. I didn’t make a list prior. I didn’t think this through in my head. I will just think of something I like and put it down while writing this. And I won’t edit this post and remove stuff. I’ll leave it to you bare. With all the mistakes.

A good story.

Honestly. One of the greatest things in life, I must admit, is the gift of stories. Whether told through touch, eyesight, speech or writing. I love a good story! I can spend days on end going over a good story. I believe we are here as part of a bigger story that is being written.

Sometimes the best of stories are told when people touch. It can be through greeting, accidental brush of shoulders or hands, hugging, kissing, name them. Sometimes they are told through the eyes; a brief meeting of the eyes, or a long stare. Sometimes they are told when people gather up together to talk. Or when writers are inspired to give us masterpieces.

Silence & Solitude

Who doesn’t love silence? It is everything. It can make you think, dream, stand, design, build, achieve in one thought only. It can make you write. It can make you love something. It can make you miss someone. It can make you break hearts. It can make you mend friendships. It can drive you mad. It can pump sense in to your head. I live most of my life in silence either locked away during the day, sleeping, wondering, answering, caring, watching, breaking, laughing, writing with a glass of something cold. Or happy in the night building dreams, reading stuff, watching things, writing nonsenses with a cup of something hot.

Silence comes in many forms. It can be at night when everyone is missing. Or at day time when you’re the one missing. Silence can be enjoyed even in the midst of people. Silence and solitude are more like one to me. What’s the difference? I can enjoy my silence from music when everyone is shouting. Silence is the greatest inspiration. Solitude is the best friend. “You are a soul with a body. Not a body with a soul.”

Uncertainty. Speed.

Let me be clear here. Most of you think I don’t plan because often I say I love spontaneity. I plan. I don’t do it a whole lot of time, but I do. And I plan differently, very little. I leave almost 80% of things to chance. I leave most of my life to what if. To let-us-see-what-will-happen. I love a good rush. I love uncertainty. In a good way. Not the type that paralyzes you.

I often take things slowly. Some claim it is a don’t care attitude. It isn’t. It is being sure that nothing can get out of control. It is the every-little-thing’s-gonna-be-alright kind of living. It also brings a sort of rush when things seem not okay and you’re busy acting like everything is fine. Plus worrying about stuff doesn’t change anything.

Anyway, I love speed. Don’t let me drive you if you’re a slow soul.

Determination. Passion. Ambition. 

I’m surely not the most determined person on earth. Neither am I the most ambitious. But these are things I totally love. I would date determination and marry ambition. And you know where the passion blends in….

I can give anything to a person full of passion, ambition and determination. Seriously. These 3 are key for the success of anything. And the people I respect most all have these 3 qualities. Rarely does one have either. They come bundled together.

A Good Conversation

Very few things can match a good conversation. Whether it be for 10 hours or 2 minutes. A good conversation is where mortality meets immortality. It is where gates are opened, where ideas are born. It is where clouds are formed. Good conversations are the reasons we are who, where and what we are today. They spark revolutions; scientific or political. Good conversations console, heal, restore, create.

The problem is finding people to have such with. People will rather chat about other stuff than indulge in this elixir of youth. Yes, if you don’t want to grow old, indulge yourself in good conversations. Stay up at night and talk of the star dust that we all are, of the perfection of existence or of the fact that we are the centre of everything. Discuss. Talk. Confront. Disagree. Agree. Write theories. Discard myths. Explain occurrences. Imagine the future. Become the change.

I can’t write everything I love. I need to sleep.

It has taken me quite some time to be here. And quite some experiences. There are many things in this world to be loved. They are inexhaustible. From the beautiful and unexplainable patterns of clouds, to the amazing grace of sunsets. From sweet eyes and melodious voices, to stories of courage and love and peace.

Honestly there are times I wish time didn’t move too fast. Other times I wish I could freeze time and savour everything a little longer. Listen to a voice a little more. Replay a song. Watch more movies. Look into some eyes some tiny bit more. Hands, hugs, screams, runs, laughs, jumps, swims.

This week something came to my head: Dying is easy. Living is the challenge. And we all want to live.

Live now.

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