In class 8 some teacher said “You’ll soon be in form 2” and it seemed like ages to come. Now I’m here waiting for the final year of campus and wondering how fast time flies. A couple of minutes ago we were having the time of our lives in primary, jumping up and down, reading Harry Potter books and looking at 21 year olds like they were adults who had their whole lives figured out!

Then all of a sudden we are the 21 year olds wondering, “The hell is this life?”

I think kids have an easier time. They are the ones who’ve figured out their lives.

Ask a kid, “What will you be doing this Saturday?”

“Eerm, wake up early. Have breakfast. Watch Nickelodeon. Then I’ll go out to play with friends.”

Ask the same question to some 21 year old.

“Eeerm, I don’t really know. It’s the week-end. I’ll probably sleep throughout the day. Or I could watch some movies. I’m not sure. Tutaona.”

See. Now we all want to be kids again!


I am not happy. Please hear me out.

I think time is running out on me. And when I ask my friends, they think the same too. Time is running out on us. We’ll soon be very old and gone. And that is eating up our heads.



You turned 18, and before you could figure out how to handle your adult life, it 2015 and people are looking for jobs and stuff. Some are pregnant. Some already have kids. Some are gone forever. Some are getting married. Some are quitting their fourth jobs. Some are founding companies. Some are millionaires. Some are musicians. Some are pilots. Some are thieves. Some are politicians. Some are drinking and smoking their heads off. The heck is going on?

Everything is moving too fast!


Okay now to the core of this post.

There’s a tendency of man to think that the future is always brighter and better than the past. That is not always the case.

There’s also the belief, and most already are or will be having this feeling in future, that the past was easier and better than the present. This is also not true.

Third, there is the feeling that time moves faster when you are old than it moved when you were young. Another lie.

Time is constant. The future is not necessarily brighter. The past wasn’t easier. It is the present that counts.

These are your best years. Honestly. Right now.

You’ll only be 20 something for 9 years. Then you’ll be in your 30s and will be raising families and finding ways to settle. Halafu the 40s knock and you have teenage kids all over the place. Then you’re 50 and retirement….

Someday you’ll be siting wondering “Where did the 20s go?”

Here they are right now. Whooshing away.

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