Dear you awesome, brilliant and open mind full of questions,

This is my own personal view. It may not convict you. It doesn’t have to.

I am not writing this to force you to view life as I do.

I am putting down in writing, to you, what makes sense to me. And I hope it will somehow make sense to you.

I know the feeling of seeking answers to stuff. I know the disappointment when the people who are supposed to help answer you instead tell you things like “You cannot quite understand. Just believe. God works in mysterious ways…” blah blah. And I know the dissatisfaction of following a creed of dos and don’ts. Especially when your mind wants to wander and understand and know and perceive and believe.


First: Dimensions

This is purely science. You can Google more on the same.

We live in a 3 dimensional universe. Simply, we can only perceive things that are 3-dimensional: length, breadth and depth; Up/down, left/right, and forwards/backwards. Things that can be seen, felt and touched. Things that are there.

We cannot perceive any other dimension. We cannot perceive a 1D or a 2D universe. We cannot perceive anything else other than the 3rd dimension in which we exist in. This is a fact of science.

But now I want you to try and imagine the 4th dimension.

Of course you cannot imagine it. No human can. Because we are hardwired for the 3rd dimension. We cannot conjure up in our minds something that is not in our existence.

Back to the 4th dimension. Scientists call it the space-time dimension. If you were to find a sort of portal to a 4th dimension and stick your fingers into the portal, you won’t see your fingers rather you’d see spheres.

This is because the fourth dimension adds qualities such as space and time to length, width and height.

In a 4 dimensional universe, all sort of things happen. If you were to see a being from a 4D universe in a 3D universe, they’d appear to be coming out of nothing, or out of a sphere. Or they’d appear to be many bodies gathering up together. This is mathematically proven.

The fun bit of all this is that the universe we live in is only but a slice of higher forms of existing dimensions.

Meaning (this tears and rips people’s minds) we are just a portion of greater existing dimensions that we cannot perceive.

So maybe God actually works in mysterious ways, in ways we cannot perceive. Maybe He exists in some other dimension we cannot understand and created us into this dimension.  But is He even there in the first place? Does God exist?

Answers Maybe


Second: Existence

One funny thing about human beings is we think we know. There was a time we thought the world was flat! There was a time we thought the sun revolved around us. That we were at the centre of everything. How wrong we were.

In these recent years we have found out that we live in an inconceivable universe. A universe we cannot describe as being either finite or infinite since we are not sure. It is so big, we cannot see its edges. There are myriads and myriads of galaxies. Stars keep exploding and more are born and what a wonderful sight it is to perceive. Yet our solar system is so little, like a speck of dust, when compared to the whole universe. We are like nothing.

How we came to exist is a question no one can answer. How life exists is something we can only but speculate.

We either evolved or were created:

  1. Evolved: that we were chemicals that came together to create small organisms that over billions of years grew and evolved and become what we are today. But, if we humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Are they still evolving?


  1. Created: that some supernatural being made us and left us here. Why? Why the heck would a creator put us in this tiny world (big yes in our eyes, but an iota of dust in the universe)? Why?

So if our own existence is left to speculation, if our own universe is too big for us to perceive, if our own world is too small for us to be noticed in the universe, how will we answer the question of the possibility of there being a Creator?


Is there a Creator?

First I want you to try and perceive nothingness.

Try and find it in your head a way to see nothingness. Not darkness. Not space. Not emptiness. Just nothingness. The lack of anything. The lack of space. Zilch.

It is impossible. No human mind can perceive nothingness. It is in some other dimension. The thought of nothingness is not even conceivable.

And this is where the universe is believed to have been born from. From nothingness.

But how did nothingness change to something that is the universe we are in today?

The greatest and most acceptable theory of existence of the universe is the Big Bang theory. That the universe expanded from a very bright, very hot, very dense single point. That space just appeared everywhere.

But where did this hot spot come from? How did nothingness disappear? How did everything happen?

It is a question that hasn’t been answered by any scientist. Because honestly how do you answer that?

Maybe there is this Creator who started everything. Maybe this Creator who exists in dimensions we cannot conceive, from the nothingness made the Big Bang.


Third: What I believe:

First of all the Bible is a book written by many different authors through different ages of existence. Forget about all the connotations given to it as a Holy Book and look at it as a collection of books from people who lived in different times of history.

Yes some people saw it fit to delete other books from the bible. While some decided to add some other bits to it. But the standard King James Version has been approved over centuries as being sort from historical facts and written by actual people who really existed and walked on the face of this earth.

The Old Testament: Genesis to Malachi. It is called the Old Testament because it is written before the time of Jesus Christ.

The New Testament: Matthew to Revelation. It is called the New Testament because it is written after the time of Jesus on earth.

It is historically proven that there was a man called Israel. Who was originally called Jacob. He’s the son of Isaac, who was the son of Abraham, who descended from Noah, who descended from Adam.

It is also a historical fact that there was a man who walked the face of this earth called Jesus, who claimed to be the Son of God. This man did a lot of miracles and gained a very big following during his time. In terms of influence, this is the most influential man ever. No political leader, pharaoh, king or ruler can be compared.

Jesus’ genealogy points to him descending from the family of the third king of Israel, David. Meaning David was his great, great, great (you get the point) grandfather. And it is historically proven that David did actually exist and that he was the 2nd King of Israel and that he was a poet and songwriter whose compositions were stored in the book of Psalms. Some of his songs were prophecies of a Saviour from God who would be born in Bethlehem and suffer to the point of death as a sacrifice.

By saying history proves this, I mean that these are facts not based on the Bible but from research from many historians. That even without the Bible or the Quran, which mention all the people named above, it is a fact that these people existed.

So from all these: Yes,

  1. I believe that the bible has historical truth
  2. I believe that God created the universe
  3. I believe that God is inconceivable

Why do I believe?

You cannot believe without questioning. That’s a fallacy. Our religion doesn’t want us to question our beliefs. Yet it doesn’t give us conclusive answers!

  • Why do I believe there is a God?

Because it is the only logical explanation as to how the whole universe begun. Logic is constrained to a perceivable universe. You cannot apply a 3D universe logic in a 4 dimensional existence.


But in this 3 dimensional universe we live, the only possible logic would be of an external force that started everything. A force we cannot comprehend. A force from dimensions we cannot perceive. A force that led to the Big Bang.


We cannot in totality prove the existence of a God as that would be delving into realms and dimensions beyond our imagination, but we cannot disapprove it either. This is what biblical writers decided to call Faith. Faith being the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.


  • How did God create the universe?

Well according to the Bible He said, let there be light. And there was the Big Bang.


It is proven that if a being from another dimension appears in another dimension, it would be like appearing from nothing. And that’s why the Big Bang was heat and light and expansion from nothingness.


  • What about man? How did man come to exist?

In the space-time continuum an object exists in very many forms, shapes and sizes and can sort of (in human understanding) appear and disappear.


Meaning God, in whatever dimensions, can exist in forms, shapes and sizes and form-factors unperceivable and unexplainable to humanoids.


In the space-time continuum, time is not entirely perceivable as it is for us. The bible says that for God, 1000 years and 1 day have not difference. Genesis arranges the creation time into days, but they could well be years as time kind of doesn’t exist in God’s dimension.


And that is how, after the billions of years of the expansion of the universe and the formation of the solar system and everything on earth has cooled down to the core, God put living things on earth.


Years later after some creatures have become extinct and the world was now habitable God sat down and said “Let us make man”.


To give you a better explanation of time let me talk about light years. The speed of light is the fastest speed known to exist. Light is so fast and covers a very long distance to the extent we cannot measure this distance in kilometres.  In one human year light travels a distance of 9.4607 × 1012 km. That’s very, very, very, very far. One light year thus means millions of millions of kilometres away.

No imagine a star that is 30 million light years away. That is 30 million times 9.4607×1012 Kilometres away! So when the light from that star reaches your eyes at night, you’re essentially seeing the star as it existed 30 million years ago. And no you cannot be sure if it still exists.

The same applies for earth. If one could travel faster than light (LOL. By the way only something from another dimension can) and stand on a star or planet that is 30 million light years away from earth, and try and look at earth, they would see how earth looked like 30 million years ago!

Look at the sun right now. That is how it appeared 8 minutes ago. You can never see it in real-time.

So time is somewhat a fallacy. We’ve sliced portions of our rotation around the sun into seasons and came up with measures we’ve called time that don’t exist.


Fourth: So God is there… Why does he allow evil and suffering?

The simple answer to this is: Free will and Love. Yes love.


I will continue. First watch this video:

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