This post was meant to be up immediately after my last post. I have to be the laziest person on earth.

When I made the break-up post I had very big dreams about constantly posting here. But I guess, I am still figuring out how to do that. Plus things are difficult nowadays. Finding time for anything seems impossible. Not like there’s anything important I am doing.

How are you? (Yes you. The real you. The you only you know). This is a random mix.

I am turning 21 on Friday. This is not an announcement. Rather this is me doing a recap of my life. 20 has been. 20 is over. 20 is gone.


Throughout 20 there’s been one topic enveloping and surrounding me: Friendship.

I have been faced with hard questions. Who are my true friends? Who are but passers-by? Who will be useful in my future life? Whom do I trust? Whom do I confide in? Who’s just using me? Who are the opportunists?

If you haven’t been through that stage in your life, you need to reassess yourself. Honestly. You need to sit down and take stock of your life. You need to ask yourself who is real and who’s fake. Who’s here for life and who’s here for some days. Who’s after your mutual success, and who’s looking to use you for their own gain.

Such users exist. They look like you and me. We are all bad or good friends to others.

Finding real friends seems difficult nowadays. When we were young, finding friends was easier. If we both hated a particular teacher, we’d definitely be best of friends. If we both loved Samurai Jack, we’d spend days on end talking about why Jack couldn’t seem to find Aku.

Nowadays everybody wears a mask. Everybody seems to have a hidden agenda. Trusting someone is particularly impossible. You think you have a confidant the next minute the whole world knows what you said or did.

The world has changed the meaning of friendship so much to the extent that we need “best friends”. These are friends who are ideally closer than the other friends. But that is not enough, we’ve gone ahead to have “Best Friends Forever” who are closer than our close friends. It is all done in a bid to find true friendship.

Does true friendship exist?


Yes it does. It is like this: like a river that constantly flows, one that never dries up. In season and out of season the water is pure and refreshing. True friendship is sacrifice. It is being there for your friend throughout. Whether angry or happy, amused or annoyed. True friendship is not sort for. It is given. It is given with no strings attached. Yes we give in order to receive. But no, true friendship is not given with (or in) the expectation of receiving back. It is given unconditionally, with no anticipations.

20 has had me sit down a couple of times wondering. It has had me shake myself up to see what falls off and what stays intact. It has had me make bold decisions to break away from certain entanglements. It has taught me that life is short and we’ll die sooner than we think. Yet it has also taught me that life is long and we have all the time in the world to be whatever we want to be.

21 will find me on my keyboard typing my life away. Trying to secure my future and struggling to have my name in the history books. 21 will teach me new stuff. 21 will be kind.

So if you’re there and you’re wondering what friendship is or where to find it… don’t be stressed out. Don’t you waste time! Friendship is not sort for. Friendship will find you. All you have to do is be good.

Refresh this site every two days and force me to write more. Please. I can get so lost over at Keep reminding me that stories are my life.

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