No one knows me.

Same way no one knows you.

Though very many claim to “know” others. I think everybody wants to believe that they have such brilliant brains or tactics to “know” other people. How many people do you think you know?

People hide themselves. Do you hide yourself? How many people know you?

A friend once wrote me a birthday message and said “I hope the real you, the you only you know, is alright.” I was amazed. So I’ll rephrase that question above to: How many people know you, the real you? The you only you know?

The world is a stage and we are all actors. And people, every single one of us, wants a standing ovation once the play is done.


But we’ve hidden ourselves so much, and built walls so high and impermeable that we lack people close to us who can know who we are and understand how we feel and what we want. We don’t want people tearing down our spaces, getting to see who we really are on the inside. We don’t want people getting to the lowest levels of our spirits and understanding our minds and tearing open our hearts so that we are completely bare and known to them. Why? Is it because it is probably dark inside?

Someone said that man spends time looking at the marvels of nature and going out and studying the galaxies and the ‘big’ things forgetting the one true wonder of existence: him. Okay those are my words. But you get the point. Do you know who you are? Do you know the real you?

Before we try and figure out others we need to know ourselves. Before we judge others we need to learn who we are. And after that it will be easy to know whom to open your heart to and whom not to. It will be easy to find out what you want to achieve in life so as to bring close those with a common goal and to push away hindrances.

Now that’s a long intro. This was to be something else. I just went with it. I guess I can post this and start my story over again.


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