It has been long. I’ve almost forgotten how to do this. How to have words just flow from my fingers to the keyboard. How to turn into words all my imaginations; these stories that explode in my head, these beautiful dreams of constellations of stars far away in the universe. But somehow as I begin, I can feel like it was only the other day. Like I am home at this very moment. Like this should be what I do always, now and forever.

I haven’t posted here in like forever. I won’t give an explanation as to why. Not because I lack one. Oh yes I have a couple of explanations. Some would call them excuses. But I know how logically explanative they are.

What is shocking however is that throughout the times I haven’t posted here, only one message came in asking me what happened. We kind of fell off with everyone else? What happened? Where did the loyal people (who would stand with me through thick and thin, or so I imagined) go to?

I know everyone got busy. I don’t blame you. I should have bombarded you with post after post. I should have given you sleepless nights. I should have forced you to continue reading… I am the one to blame. I got weak. I got lazy. And this is not an “I am back” post. Nope. This is a break up.

The Eleventh is going away. Sort of.

I guess I got so over involved at So much to an extent I couldn’t handle running both sites. So much to an extent that now I cannot continue running alone. Yes. If you visit you will see that that site needs help. It has overgrown. And as I find ways to tame it, I am thinking of raising this site up as well. I know this is rash and rad. But what can I do?

So goodbye guest writers. I am sorry. It’s not you it’s me.

I have had this in mind for quite some time now. Though I cannot possibly put it in words, and the heavens know how many words I have backspaced trying to explain it to you, something in my heart tells me all will be well and that soon you will be receiving well thought of posts that will juggle your minds on so many thoughts, stories and opinions from my wild mind. I think I can do this alone. I ought to.

So there will be a lot of changes in the coming week. Sort of.

Here we are now. With a site that is looking to grow itself up once again. This is like starting from scratch. And I’ve had many of these moments. And this time, I’ll get it right. I have to. Will you trust me on this one?

Keep on with me through this. And hope with me that I get the right idea as I try out this new venture. Every once in a while there’ll be something here. Don’t fret. You probably won’t even notice the difference.

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