Time and again we’ve been told how stupid we are. But we never learn. I mean people talk, write, give emotional speeches on the negative effects of dividing ourselves across tribal lines and we listen and sensationalise the moment. A minute later we have forgotten everything and are back politicking and arguing against other tribes.

I wouldn’t have written this today until some thoughtless, thick individual told me “Ni nyinyi wajaluo mmeleta shida hapa kwetu. Akili bure tu mkijigamba.”

From a friend? A university student? Who is supposed to be the top in society? That baffled me. Tremendously. What of the people back in the villages who didn’t make it to university? How are they supposed to act when politicians like Moses Kuria tell them to carry pangas?

Elections are supposed to bring us together. So that we can have leaders who represent our wishes and argue out our grievances. But that has never been the case in Moi University. During last year’s elections I wrote a piece titled “On University Politics”. And you can imagine some dunderheads told me to shut up, siasa ni siasa. Now we are facing indefinite closure.


Two groups: Kalenjins and Luos. Students. In one university. Insulting one another. Throwing stones at each other. Issuing death threats. “We want our guy. This is our land”. “No we want our guy. There’s nothing you can tell us!” What. Is. Wrong. With. You? Who amongst you chose families or tribes to be born in to? Didn’t we all but find ourselves as Luhyas, Kikuyus, Maasais, Embus etc.? Our diversities should be the glue of our unity.

Two days ago I was reading about the tower of babel. Yes from the Bible. I think it is Nimrod who was king of the people who decided to build the tower. There was only one language in the world and everyone understood the other.

It being that they had a single language, they were united. So much to an extent that God said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, THEN NOTHING THEY PLAN TO DO WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM…” And that goes to show the power of one language.

As university students, we have one language. Not English. Not Swahili. But Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. No wonder out of the over 1 million that joined class one, we, about 40K, are the ones who made it here. We are the top in our society. We are the ones whom the rest should be looking up to. We ought to speak one language. Not dividing ourselves in tribal alliances behind fellow students. Not conforming to the ways of national politics. Not allowing the previous generations to tell us how to think and relate with other tribes.

Nothing is impossible when we stand together as one.

Less than 4 months ago, we were united in grief as Kenyans when Garissa was attacked. We, the Main Campus, welcomed these students and they became part of us. Now we have forgotten all the “We Are One” chants and campaigns and divided ourselves.

“Ingekuwa mbaya sana usiku kama shule haingefungwa,” the bodaboda guy was telling me last night. “Watu walikuwa wamepanga kulipizana kisasi after ile demonstration ya mchana.”

My landlord tells me we should do away with politics in university. Then he goes ahead to say we can’t since leadership is a core pillar in any society.

What do we do?

Tuache ujinga! Ukabila ni ujinga! Jina langu halina uhusiano wowote na akili yangu. Halina uhusiano wowote na uongozi wangu. Ikiwa tunataka nchi yetu isonge mbele, ikiwa tunataka kuishi kwa amani, ikiwa tunataka kujenga uchumi wetu kibinafsi, kijamii au hata kiinchi, tuungane na tuache ujinga.

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