Kisumu. The windows are all open. Wide open. It is 1.52am.

This never happens. All sorts of flies would be inside the house. But this is special. A very special kind of special. Special to an extent there’s not a single insect in here. I think the heat killed them all. Or took them somewhere else.

This place has never been this hot. And at night…

In Eldoret, I’d be covered in blankets. This is the period when it is hot during the day and cold at night. Extremely cold at night. Sometimes I check my weather at night and it reads 13 degrees. 13!

Funny thing is Google Now claims the weather here is 23 degrees. And you are supposed to sleep with this heat?

I have never been to Mombasa. Okay. Remember the stories we used to hear about Mombasa while we were still in Primary? Mmh, I think they’ve been holding me back. Everyone has been to Mombasa except me. Anyway, I wonder how guys there must be handling their heat. But at the same time it is consoling to know that somehow someone somewhere is ‘enjoying’ ‘better’ temperatures. I hear they totally love it.


I have been to Tz. I know Swahili man. Nilibatizwa majina ya Kitanzania! Haha. Coasterians, if at all they speak like Tanzanians, must be like:

“Loveness!” (Just in case you don’t know, Loveness is a name. A name of a person.)


“Habari za asubuhi?”

“Njema. Ila tu leo joto hamna…”

“Mmmh. Nakuerewa. Ndoo hivi nkutume dukani.”

Wait. I don’t even know where this post is headed. I’m just writing. You can give up right now. Go. Bye.

Let’s see. I wanted to talk about the heat and… oh about matatus too. Heat is done. So let me yap about public transport.

I have not been in Kisumu for like a month and some days. I even missed my Hub’s launch. Yes “my”. Because… I love this hub. Seriously. “It is ours”. Yetu. And it makes me so sad every time I have to say I missed the launch.

Yes LakeHub finally officially launched. You must have seen the totally awesome “Lakehub is booting” posters online. Or the #LakeHubLaunch hashtag on Twitter? I missed because I was in school. CAT. And all I could do was Tweet and RT. It was so wounding. A wound that won’t heal soon.

I was heartbroken. Something kilometres away was hurting me. Especially the cake cutting bit. Halafu leo (jana) nimeenda huko na hakuna at aka-piece ka cake wameniachia. Bitcoins… They didn’t even give me free Bitcoins!!!! I hear kulikuwa na free Bitcoins. Am I right, Chandi?

Ah! Pole. I’m supposed to be yapping about public transport. As I was saying (writing), it’s been long since I was in Kisumu. Then I come and discover that there are no roads over here since everything is being re-imagined. Or is it re-built? Or reconstructed? They’re building a double lane road (pardon my stupidity on road names) from Kisian to Kisumu.

But that isn’t why I’m angry with public transport. Matatus are the reason. Stupid Matatus. In Eldoret, at least I see this happen, when a matatu is full it is full. Huku Kisumu we are packed like cabbages. And then harassed like pigs. Okay I’m done.

2.30 am. The windows will have to remain open. And I’ll have to find a title for this post. I know I’ll use a very bad title in the end. Bye. And please don’t “typo here” me.

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8 replies on “Heat, LakeHub Launch, Matatus

  1. Uuum, "a double lane road" —> a dual carriageway. The Mombasa heat is bearable, I'm "enjoying" every bit of it. It's a welcome break from the torture that is the hostile North Rift weather. If I was meant to have a freezer under my armpits I would've been born in the North Pole. North Rift must be one of a handful of places on earth where it's really cold and the people are really dark :D. I've been thinking of how the two are scientifically related for a while. Maybe I just found out what I want my postgraduate research to be about.

    1. Wewe nenda uishi Dubai where 40 degrees is normal. Thank you for the "Dual Carriageway". Can brag a bit.

      Sioni hio postgraduate research ikienda anywhere.

    1. For the public to know, I have already talked nicely to you. And all my efforts went to…mmh.. not waste. Thank you.

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