Today 5th, March. This is my first day as an attaché. To those who’ve read my internship stories now you know… I didn’t get the job. I walked out of that board room and never again set foot to that building. Moi called us “home” too soon. Sooner than we expected.

That is past now.

Somehow my lecturer saw it fit to find us (we who didn’t get attached) alternative attachment places while we underwent our normal studies. And here I am. In a room filled with computers and cables and shelves of Networking Books. Here there are big machines I have never seen before making all kinds of buzzes and whispers and beeps as if they’re alive, communicating with each other.

One screen goes blank. The other follows. One beep. A buzz. An unending whisper. Silence for one second. Again and again. They talk and talk. Bytes and Terabytes of data must be moving. Something called a gateway has to be on. Cables and cables and more cables. It doesn’t seem to end. If everything stops I hear the institution may collapse. I hear there might be a strike from the students demanding their right to Wi-Fi. I suppose I’d also join them. I mean the internet is now a basic need. But how can I join them when I’m supposed to make sure that doesn’t happen?

I have never been employed all my life. Not to say that this is an employment. But it could come close. This is the first time in life I have something close to a real job. I don’t get paid, don’t get me wrong. But there are set times I should be in here. Though nobody seems to care. More so the bosses. 8am turns to be 1pm. Lunch means see you tomorrow or next week. I think one can run mad in here if you just sit. We are supposed to be 5 but only 3 have ever shown up! Everybody is silent. Everyone is looking at their screens. Apart from the sound of breathing machines you can hear the sound of tired fingers and overworked keyboards. Keys being hit down with a force that can only be caused by anger or hunger. I don’t know. Maybe both. A hungry man is mostly angry.

By the way, my keyboard somehow looks funny right now as I write this. It has been long since I looked at it. Typing in the dark, at night, in bed, makes you forget how the keyboard looks. Typing during the day while looking at the lecturer makes you think the keyboard hates you. Especially when the lecturer kicks you out for not concentrating. Half the class wasn’t concentrating!

Back to this room. Some are coding, some are on YouTube. I am here noticing. Contemplating. Wondering where I ought to be. Where my future lies. I still can’t answer the question “Which career do you want to pursue in the future?” Social media looks fun. Especially creating YouTube videos. I want a fun job description. The kind that everywhere people ask you “You get paid to do that?” No. No. Not the kind that parents hide their kids from TV when you’re being interviewed by Larry. Rather the kind that when asked, you pull a Sherlock Holmes and say “I invented the Job”.

Funny enough someone gets paid to do this. Sit and make sure everything is running well. It might seem like a small job description until you get to sit here all by yourself and suddenly you notice something is wrong. I hear people here run around like fools when everything goes down. It hasn’t happened to me (us) yet. We probably wouldn’t know how hectic it is even if told. People only realise the impact/importance of things when they get to experience it first-hand.

At the end of 6 weeks I will be done with this attachment/internship. I will have learned a lot, I know. Maybe I will meet a lot of people who work here. They will be giving me advices here and there on future struggles and the Professor might turn out to even be a mentor. It is a world of possibilities when we open our eyes and embrace positivity. There’s no coincidence.
Let us (me) do this!

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