I have not posted here for almost two months. School life, busy schedules plus I’m always on Techish. But I have some cool things I’ll be writing on soon. Here’s something that I have been thinking about for the past two weeks. Something that I hope will be useful to someone who’s struggling with identifying who they are and what they want. It may also be useful to you in  someway. Just read and see:

Since high school, I always heard or read of people who said they started succeeding when they found themselves. I wondered what finding oneself means and most times I convinced myself that these were words that made no sense except when used in inspirational talks by great guys where everyone would nod their heads in agreement and feel totally inspired without understanding a thing.

There are a lot of talks I’ve heard and the phrase ‘finding yourself’ never misses. You’ll hear the speaker say “…First of all you need to find yourself” and you’ll see people agree or note it down and for so long I never knew what it meant. I felt like it made no sense since ‘I am me and I know who I am’. But only a few day ago I realised finding yourself doesn’t necessarily mean knowing your name or having a dream. No.

Finding yourself is

  1. Realising what you do best and going for it
  2. Trusting in your ability to do whatever you put your mind to
  3. Loving yourself as you are
  4. And involving yourself with the right minds

People go round and round in life looking for success and trying to find people who’ll appreciate them. People go looking for successful people to copy. People go looking for big stories to inspire them. Yet people forget to look at themselves and realise that within them lies a story so great, it could shake the world’s foundations. People forget that what the world lacks is the uniqueness of everyone. The world misses your views and your ambitions. The world is already full of people trying to be others. It needs a generation of people who’ll stand out and be themselves.


You don’t get to a point where you find yourself. It is not a journey with an end, it is a journey with experiences. And it is in the feeling of the experiences that you can confidently say you’ve found yourself.

It is in this journey of experiences that you realise that ‘you should be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never ever apologise for doing things your way’. It is in the journey that you learn that you may not be able to control everything that happens to you, but you can refuse to be reduced by them. It is in this journey where you get to understand you were not born to suck up to anyone, you were not born to be bullied into silence, you were not born to be made a victim, you were not born to accept how people define your life. Rather, you were born to define your life. To be whom you want to be.

When you find yourself you finally realise that you were always having the solutions. When you find yourself, you understand your purpose in life. When you find yourself you find contentment. When you find yourself, success will find you.


I guess I have been looking for myself?

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