I love coffee. Which is actually funny. I don’t take coffee. Well, sometimes I do. Illegally. I’m not supposed to take caffeine. So says the doctor. But once in a while (LOL) you’ll find me taking down a cup of the same, tea or a soda… It’s actually ‘fun’ to do something ‘illegal’.
I’m telling you this because I overheard someone telling the friend ‘mimi siwezi kaa usiku bila kahawa’. I almost knelt down and begged them to switch their life with mine. No that’s a lie. Truth is I really just wanted their sleep. I mean, how do normal people do it? How do they fall asleep at night?

I have neighbours who always think I’m asleep most of the time. You see, I found this secret: earphones. A month ago they used to complain all the time. They called me all sorts of names since my sound system only came to life at night. They threatened me with all kinds of threats. I swear this is true. I even received a blank message. (Blank messages are the worst. Try sending a blank message via Whatsapp to someone and see how they’d freak out.) Since then I decided to bring the music right into my head. I discovered that my earphones were pretty much louder than the woofer and that I could jump around more freely in my room. Plot twist: my earphones were stolen. Two days ago somebody in my university set up a brilliant plan to steal my precious earphones. He/she came up with a magnificent strategy and picked up my earphones, I guess, while I dosed off in some lecture. I remember waking up confused. Nkt. I had to buy new ones.

Now to the title of this post… here now is where I tell you about her. However you understand my statement is up to you.

Why I stay up at night I don’t know. But I hope she does that too. I hope she thinks of the future and not of how to dress up in the morning. I hope she too looks at the ceiling all night in a bid to try and set right all the day’s activities that were wrong. I hope she dreams big incomprehensible, unbelievable dreams. I hope she has a vision and a plan. Not a plan of who to talk about. But a plan of an idea to implement. Not a vision of how to be loved but one of how to love. I hope she dreams of success. And hell right I hope she writes.


I really hope she is not one who makes up her mind based on what she hears others say. I hope she uses her head. I hope she believes in the impossible. I hope she’s not a fool. And I also hope she’s one independent person. I hope she sees the good in life and believes in what is right and not what is favourable.
Yeah that is it. Sometimes I think of her.

I’m always saying, beauty is only an added advantage. Especially to these very social airheads who chatter around loudly how they can’t be afforded. Or how amazing they’re when all they’ve ever made is money from their parents and dumb boyfriends… I’d like to see such when they turn 40 or 50 and are full of hopelessness since they forgot their so called ‘beauty’ vanishes in the air (LOL airheads) like smoke.
It is 4 am. I’d write another story but I don’t have coffee. Let me leave it at that.
I’m sure you currently have many things running through your mind. Put them down together in writing. There’s a comment box below.

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